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The world-famous SUBARU BOXER® engine

Sharper Handling

The low centre of gravity improves stability in the corners, contributing to a more comfortable ride, more responsive handling and greater accident avoidance capabilities.

Smoother Acceleration

This engine type is compact, lightweight and symmetrically positioned low in the chassis to create smoother and more direct power delivery.

Better Performance Efficiency

The pistons move side to side, an inherently better-balanced design, so they create less vibration, generate better performance, and ensure reduced wear and tear on moving parts.

Subaru EyeSight®: Safety is always in focus

Adaptative cruise control

The adaptive cruise control maintains a programmed speed as well as a safe distance from the lead vehicle. This function can also immobilize your vehicle completely and then return it to the programmed parameters when traffic resumes.

Pre-collision braking

Pre-collision braking helps to gradually slow or stop the car completely when it sees a panic braking situation unfolding ahead of you.

Your Quebec Subaru Dealers
Your Quebec Subaru Dealers

Advanced frame: Strength and safety

Engineered to surpass industry-leading safety standards

The Subaru Ring-Shaped Reinforcement Frame sees the pillars, body-side frames and floor cross-members positioned in a ring-like layout, all connected together to form a super-strong protective safety cell. This proprietary design incorporates high-tensile strength steel to provide high-impact protection and a front crumple zone that diverts energy away from the passenger compartment.

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Your Quebec Subaru Dealers

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